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Flüela Davos
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Recognised as one of the most significant convention destinations in the world as it is the home for World Economy Forum and many other crucial organisations every year, Davos is also remarkable for winter tourism. It has an impressive location for the smell of pine trees and fresh air. Rixos Flüela Davos has a mountain and city view, and is situated in the city centre in Davos, which is popular for ski enthusiasts on the hills of the Swiss Alps. You can have a real experience in ski on the ski runs eligible for all levels at one of the world's best ski-runs. Situated in 175 km distance from the Airport of Zurich, Rixos Flüela Davos is in 2 km distance from the city centre. You can have one-day excursions during your stay at Rixos Flüela Davos for a peaceful holiday experience. You can ski at Parsenn, Madrisa, Pischa, Jakobshorn and Rinerhorn, go for a walk around Davos Lake, and enjoy your time on the nature. Rixos Flüela Davos reflects the spirit of the Alps on its decoration offers a deluxe architecture and enables its guests to discover the new venues during their stay.

Davos Lake

Davos Lake is one of the most distinctive areas for a peaceful day on the nature. As a natural lake of 1560 m height, Lake Davos is 0,59 km area and is maximum 54 m deep. You can discover the lake, have some fresh air and go for a walk. A very special excursion is awaiting you around the lake that is fed by the mountain sources such as Flüelabach and Totalpbach.

Davos Convention Centre

Davos is one of the crucial destinations for the meeting circles. Davos Convention Centre is a centre of events where remarkable events such as World Economy For is organised.  Established on 12 thousand sqm area with a capacity for 5 thousand people, it is one of the modern convention centres. 34 meeting rooms in addition to the special conference room for 1800 seats capacity are equipped with cutting edge technologies.

Natural Parks

Ela Natural Park is the largest in Switzerland. It is a special place constituting 19 districts on the Albula and Valley Surses. Having a magnificent view and is ornamented with historical villages, the park reveals all natural beauties. Schatzalp Botanic Park is an enticing natural area where you can see different plant species from different parts of the worlds including without limitation New Zeeland and Nepal. 300 km long Walser Track is a perfect option if you want to go on a walk. The track passes through Grisons Canton and renders services in 6 different routes where natural and cultural heritage is blended competently.

Kirchner Museum

The expressionist artist Ernst Ludwig Kirchner lived in Davos from 1918 until 1938. He is deeply influenced by Davos in his works during that time. Kirchner   Museum exhibits the works by Kirchner, thus enables the visitors to discover the works of art in Davos. The museum is a meeting point for art lovers in Davos.


You can have a one-day excursion to Zurich during your stay at Rixos Flüela Davos. Situated in Switzerland, Zurich is a famous city for its historical tissue, parks and museums. The municipal building here is also worth seeing. The famous opera building (Opernhaus Zürich in Zurich is waiting to be discovered. Do not forget to see Grossmünster Cathedral, Fraumünster Church and St. Peterskirche Church when you are in Zurich.


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